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Is Chrome becoming today’s Internet Explorer?!

I’m a web developer by trade. I’ve been a web developer for well over a decade. I’ve seen browsers rise and fall. I’ve seen standards proposed. I was an advocate for semantic markup before semantic markup was a “thing”. With that background in place, you can probably understand why I was thrill — literally thrilled […]

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Royal Rumble: IE 10 vs. Chrome 23 vs. Firefox 19

If you are looking for a new arena for browser usage wars, then veer away from the United States since it is a cliché to look for stats on the breeding ground of operating system makers—namely Apple, Microsoft, and Red Hat. If you want to see how the most familiar browsers really fare, try to […]

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Everything you ever wanted to know about MSIE Conditional Comments

Ask any web developer you know what they think of writing web pages for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE or IE, for short). They’ll usually all tell you (in no uncertain terms) that it’s miserable. Just be advised, you’ll probably get some very colorful language describing exactly how the developer feels… you’ve been warned. What’s the problem […]

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Speed up your websites with DNS Pre-Fetching

DNS is great! Using this miracle of technology you don’t have to remember website’s IP addresses, instead you just type in a name, and the DNS system does its job to translate that name to the site’s number. It’s just like your cell phone: you’ve got contacts in your address book, and that contact may […]

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YouTube Branded Channel example

Inconsistencies with YouTube Branded Video Playback on Windows Phone (Mango)

At my day job I recently ran into a problem with the QR codes we have printed on some of our packaging resolving “incorrectly”. The problem that was presented to me was with the QR code seemingly playing back a different video on the Windows Phone (Mango) platform than either Android or iOS — or […]

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Podcast Episode 34: RGB versus CMYK on the Web

Today’s podcast is brought to you by: Stolen Droids: a website for geeks that covers geek news, geek movies, and everything that all us geeks love! Today we’re talking about colors. The primary colors are Red, Yellow, and Blue and you can mix them into any other color. On computers we use Red, Green, and […]

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How to surf faster with a GPU, Hardware Acceleration, and Google Chrome 10+

If you have a GPU (read: a physical video card and NOT on-board graphics), and… If you use Google Chrome for browsing, and… If you are using Google Chrome 10 or higher,… And you want to surf faster, here’s how: Go to the address bar of Chrome and type about:flags (enter). This will bring up […]

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