Why I picked the Star Trek: ToS communicator chirp for my notification sound


When I get a new email, tweet, Facebook or calendar alert, my Android-Powered T-Mobile G2 makes the chirping sound that the old Star Trek communicators used. Why? Is it because I’m a Trekkie? Probably, but there’s another reason.
My buddy got a T-Mobile G1 back when they first came out. I was still a Windows Mobile guy back then. A year later I jumped on the Android bandwagon and also got a G1. With just the two of us in the department with Androids it was easy to pick sounds that the other wasn’t using.
Fast-forward to today: Over half the department is using Android… which makes using “stock” sounds “impolite” (since we never know which phone is alerting). This was my solution, since I’m the trekkiest of the bunch. 🙂



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