Net Neutrality isn’t about Neutrality, it’s about Control


ObamaTODAY IS THE DAY. The full implementation of the FCC’s Net Neutrality Act will take place today, FEBRUARY 21, 2011.

Unless you act right now and flood Congress with your FAXES, President Obama and his administration will assume control of the Internet.

President Obama has received the POWER TO PULL THE PLUG on the Internet when the FCC passed the Net Neutrality Act on December 21, 2010. The Act gives “kill-switch” authorization to the federal government-just like Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had when he cut off Internet access to his citizens during the recent uprising.

TODAY, the FCC gives the government power to REGULATE THE INTERNET and any other interstate communication service they choose, WITHOUT Congressional oversight.

You’ve seen what is going on in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. The “democratic demonstrations” in the streets of Egypt were fueled by use of the Internet and social communication networks like Facebook and Twitter. At the height of the revolution, President Hosni Mubarak’s administration pulled the “kill switch” and closed off Egypt’s citizens from the information superhighway.


The new rules will give government bureaucrats power over Internet carriers, which is in direct opposition to our free market system-and the freedom we have always enjoyed on the Internet.

This is yet another in a long line of examples of the Obama administration overstepping their authorityand concentrating more power with the government-and against the wishes of the American people.

According to Rasmussen, only 21 percent of the country supports the idea of network neutrality-but the Obama administration continues to push for more and more control over every aspect of our lives in an effort to suppress free speech and dissenting opinion!

The FCC does NOT have the authority from either Congress or the U.S. Constitution to assume control of the Internet!

The White House does not have the authority from either Congress or the U.S. Constitution to use the “kill-switch!”

Three federal judges warned the FCC before they passed the Net Neutrality Act. They believe the Internet has First Amendment protection, exactly the same as printed media-so what is next for Obama? Assuming control of our newspapers and magazines?

President Obama does not like dissenting opinion, and there’s a lot of that lately because his big government agenda is not popular. If he can’t silence his critics through debate, he will use his radical FCC to do it for him!

As we saw in Egypt, a “kill-switch” can have overwhelmingly disastrous consequences. You, as an individual, would be drastically affected; but think of the millions of businesses that depend upon the Internet for their commerce. The fallout would literally CRIPPLE the already-shaky U.S. economy!

This is a violation of your rights and of the U.S. Constitution!

  • There is nothing “neutral” about the Net Neutrality Act. The government wins, and you lose.
  • The FCC is openly hostile to our First Amendment rights.

You may not notice it today, and you may not notice it tomorrow-but unless we get the Net Neutrality Act overturned, you will wake up soon and find that the government has assumed total control over the Internet, and your speech will be restricted.

We must act RIGHT NOW to stop Net Neutrality from becoming law!


Tony Adkins
Conservative Action Alerts

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